Top view land on top of the moutain : Land for Sale


Top view land on top of the moutain located at MuakLek District ,Saraburi Province.Far from Bangkok about 150 Kilometers.

On the hill before the law correctly. Comfortable with the course.
7 of the world's ozone friendship conveniently located 800 meters.
Waterfall, 3 kilometers away from town.New motorway just 2 km (the entrance into it. Expropriation started already).

Look to the mountains to around 30 degrees, two balls hit each other on the top of a plain tent star journey lands in finding this close not to gold line he inherited the maximum ozone few will. Own it. Document correctly. Certainly more than the frozen starch. Verified successfully. No previous course.
I told people around me that it was a mountain. (Bangkok , just 150 km away from the wheels and everything like that ), it 's worth it.
Land last. Hurry to do. No one like this again. This land is located near this feng shui is 100 %.
Definite and important documents are not to be afraid I do not have to risk comfort million %.
( This conversion will not sell it ).
- The same mountain. Dairy Farming Promotion Organization of Thailand ( Asc. ) driving through Lek. Mountain road to the right that I have a lot of pitches.
- Friendship Road 800 meters away.
- Located in the municipality. Current price 3-4 million / ha ( plains are still developing ) ( sub- divided into more expensive ).
- Might be cheaper , but not a street view is not yet developed.
- On motorways Bangkok - Korat ( contract. The expropriation and ) finished down less than 2 km away
- The peak of the mountain. Cool weather all year round. Prove it. The day I did that night.
- Front view of the reservoir. Feng Shui 100 % FREE.
- I see the street view of the mountains and evergreen.
- The front you raise the district's safe.
- Playground Soi. There is soi Hall. Wilds ( not bothering to land).
- The National Sports Center 2 km cycle ride or jog grandmother to comfort me.
- 2 people to the hospital Lek rest comfortably on Ayurveda here. My parents are retired right here.
- Hospital services very well. Service staff. Commissioner massage free 2 hrs / week.
- The market for 3 miles to eat there all the Lek. Passive Flea Market every Saturday.
- Adjacent to Asc. Roam freely throughout the years has learned to ride Agro steak.
- Sir James at the golf course three miles round of golf at any occasion.
- Forums waterfall 3 km air distance is great. Sit back and relax comfortably.
- Friendship Road, 800 meters away at night pretty much. The street line. But there is no sound to disturb me.
- Moments away restaurant 500 meters of a lot of gourmet steaks.
- Home- away restaurant 1 mile Dairy milk delicious fresh coffee and soft.
- He 's 25 miles to the door every day. 7 of the world's fresh Ozone.
- 500 meters from the bus stop all night.
- 3 km from the railway station Lek periodically.
- Concrete road -to- vehicle access to land, ease and comfort.
- Road house with a few neighbors. Almost tell that it was a private road.
- Water and electricity is available and what the phone has Internet.
- Wave mobile phone with 3G camp , all camp.
- Good neighbors. (The service utility , government pensions , insurance company executives , academics, agriculture , programmers ).
- Land on the mountains few. The document is certainly not illegal to be white , not gray s definition.
- Not the timber ( Audited) is not within Chapter 0.5 Spk. Deed is not state land.
- Pay the rent of land per acre. 1,000 / year (residential ) 500 / year ( agricultural ), the long night certainly not.
- Most of the land is state land in the city. A building that is the symbol is Garuda. There are many in every province.
- Some of you are wondering how to get hold it. The Treasury Department has taken to talking to me comfortably.
- Rental income. As income to the Treasury. The property. Occupant comfort.
- Possession of a child to grandchild. The exact price ( price is less than the mortgage ).
- Could borrow money from the bank , many banks BAAC. Supporting SME Bank housing estate by state land.
- A directory of state land. And the possession of the exact name of honesty and transparency.
- Learn details.
- The only reason not to act. The land is hilly slope than the law requires.
- A land of ancient forests fall into the zone and then watch them (not the timber ).
- Spk. , Then come out and not the other one yet.
- Finally, the land must be issued (because long tenure ), Department of the Treasury came out to me.
- And the land adjacent to the adjoining store keep my worries at ease with it.
Nearby attractions.
Vineyard - Farm - Sunflower - abundant waterfalls - drive ATV, milking cows , riding horses on - Pasak - tunnel of trees - many attractions here.
To last no more than 200 square meters to 900,000 baht.
Or Mao 1 Rai 3 Ngan 3,100,000 Baht
Its built very well be the most beautiful view of the reservoir. Comments Rd. Mountain Evergreen cool breeze all year round. Fresh air as possible if you need to see a real need to prove it.
Do not really negotiable negotiable me by phone. I want to see the land. I 'm a very free transfer to take action. Obtain immediate possession. Buy direct with the owner peace of land tenure is uncertain.
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Please feel free to contact me
open 24 Hr.
Mr.Thanakorn 0811979878.
email :

Legs are uphill Tue Lek.
Toyota Center is on the left see the mountains.
This position is clear from the land.
The right to be.
"National Training Center Lek".

Enabled a vast property.
Front of the center of a large deposit.

This is contrary to see Jane. The signs in front of Soi / Right to pump gas.If we now turn to the right.
Restaurant TEACHERS. Restaurants in the Forums. And source of deposits.
View from across the street. This mountain here. Label located at Soi Sala bluff golf course Sir James. Famous golf course. The land used to be a mountain. "Dairy Farming Promotion Organization of Thailand" has more natural riding ATV's Restaurant and organize multiple tasks here.
"Dairy Farming Promotion Organization of Thailand" destinations you can not miss. National Dairy event every year and at 2-3 up in the 56th November is the Saraburi Winter Music Festival / Concert audience the comfort of cool air from the stars with a cold beer and plenty of activities. Singer and alternates between the two days.
We drove from Sara arrives. Turn-turn driving back through the city Lek c.Soi entrance. A sign of the Golf Resort and Golf Course Sir James signs pavilions are you most comfortable.

Drive about 500 meters from the entrance to a large reservoir. This is visible from the land.
Water does not dry the fish every year and country.
Every year on the first time fishing in cold water.
The shop has seating comfort food.
Look directly at the SOI. The residence hall by the court. If you look right in the shopping center will bring up the security of the Ministry regularly. Left to right in front of Soi Playground cool kids to come play here. Women's groups are groups that work together on this.
We turn into the left lane. If you look right here. Shrine rumored to have merit. Shrine of the mountain (with the lottery), turn it to the road up the hill. Hall was seen as a public hall of the SAO. Enable is left on the playground. And Stadium here.
Hiking poles are the poles that support the power plant area so special. Since this can be a home to just 5 units (including us) good neighbor certification. Almost as a private road. If no more than one course. This is the entrance to the exit only. And we are back in the end. Secure it.
Up until the end. This match will see the entrance to the house. See a concrete road to the home page on the left is a neighbor, not gravel. Can see that the roof is level with the street. Due to the high street to another. Electricity pylons are seen as the power of it.
Drive to the front end of it.The home position. Look to the right, it is a mountain. Updating the tree I planted vegetables.
He made ​​millions on the small small yard will do so now there are millions. Living it sit upright seating position to see. To see the reservoir. And the road to friendship. Cool throughout the night. Since this land. I see the stars clearly.
If you look on him. Up to a hill. But the hills are not steep and hilly. I almost went to the floor flat on my mountain camping tent more casual day look at the stars who came out. I went all the way back up the cliff is no way I can come up with. (I have a barbed wire fence).
Up top in the picture may not be obvious, but apparently not really see the friendship. The reservoir. This is the source where the air was clear that a large tree across the mountains (never cut) at home, keep it shaded.
A bit higher. I see around here. But there may be some shade trees. If I build a house right on the terrace Living ripping off long stick out a little to see almost 180 degrees to ensure that the reservoir is full comments Rd. The very night I see the car that I endorsed it.
From the street to the house. The road is already out with the land to widen the road. And improved convenience. I have also expanded.
(Selling more land to develop it).
View from the road within the estate. Looking up the hill. This is a long post. A pathway made ​​it 2-3 with a painless way to improve it a little bit too comfortable home perfect. Because of all the great views on virtually every position.
Innermost land. Almost flat. This would keep it. A small house built out the rest almost guaranteed peace of land of 20 acres divided into approximately 1 Rai 3 is the most beautiful. Thus weaken it. Landowners also. The land is located to the ball to my grandson.



Will see that the land is already high . See the next reservoir . And not more than 800 meters away from the road I live on the same mountain . Dairy Farming Promotion Organization of Thailand . No more than three kilometers away from the Lek point land this night I saw a line of street lights . See the stars clearly . Cool weather all year round. And the next few years. Way down the motorway - Korat less than 2 miles (House Showcase separator ) before contact was lost because there was no land to me.
Please feel free to contact me, open 24 Hr. Mr.Thanakorn 0811979878.
email :


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